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The Amazing Places We've Been: Why We Love Sharing Our Travels!

We’ve added 3 videos / slideshows to our website. You can watch them here or by going to the menu bar at the top of this page and clicking on the VIDEOS tab or by clicking on this link:

These new videos are from our recent travels in Greece and feature the islands of Crete, Naxos, Paros, and Corfu and are short (only 2 ½ minutes).

Throughout our travels, I have regularly shared our photos with you via Facebook, Instagram, and of course, here, through our blog. Essentially, these new videos are a consolidated “greatest hits” album of our travel images. Each video includes anywhere from 30-40 images, and they tell the story of our travels as seen through the lens of my iPhone.

After traveling for over a year now, what stands out for us is that we really enjoy sharing our travels. Many of you have kindly and generously written the phrase in our blog comments section, “thank you for taking us along on your travels.” I love reading that line and find it truly heartwarming. We are delighted that our stories, blog, and photos create the opportunity for you to feel like you are right there with us . . . we could not ask for more. In truth, however, it’s really us who should be thanking you for your openness to our journey and for following along and joining us with so much enthusiasm. We are grateful.

I find myself amazed at how delighted I am to be writing this blog every week. It’s an absolute labor of love. When I first began writing it, I wasn’t sure if I could sustain it over time, thinking that perhaps it would just feel like too much on top of everything else that’s involved with traveling. But I was wrong. Photographing our trips, and telling the stories of the places we have been and how they impact our lives has become such an important and meaningful part of our travels . . . I could not imagine our journey without this means of communication and connection. Sharing our journey has become my new work . . . and I say this implying all the very best and positive attributes that we can assign to work. It has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment as we travel that goes beyond just taking in the wonders of new places.

I never expected to feel this way when we set out on our travels, but I find that sharing our travels allows me to step outside myself as I take in what we encounter and look at it not just through my own personal lens, but through the lens of what I imagine might interest and excite others. It’s as though I am truly bringing you along with me in my heart and head as I travel. I’m finding that this unintended exercise allows me to notice so much more than I otherwise would. It adds a delightful and unexpected dimension to my journey.

When it’s all said and done, what Carla and I realize is that we want to go further with our sharing than just making a town or place seem attractive and appealing. If that happens and you are ready to book your next trip . . . fantastic! But what we’re really hoping for is not so much to inspire you to travel, but rather to inspire you to follow your hearts and to follow your dreams. That’s the crux of our story and at the heart of what we’re trying to share. We certainly don’t expect people to follow our lead and sell everything and travel about the world with only two carry-on bags. That even sounds crazy to me as I’m writing these words.

What we would like to do is to inspire you to live your best life . . . whatever that may be. Perhaps it is travel, but it doesn’t have to be adventurous at all . . . just authentic to you. Live your best life – and if our story and what we’re doing in any way helps move you or motivates you in that direction, then we are delighted.

Thank you for letting me share this this with you, and above all . . . thank you for letting me share our travels with you. Enjoy your journey. Keep an open heart and an open mind and keep dancing on. Our stories are unfolding every day.

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