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Adiós and Gracias Mexico!

Updated: Jun 7

In three days, we will leave Mexico and fly back to the States for the summer. I am looking forward to taking time off to reconnect with family and friends so this will be my last blog post until early July. After that, I'll be posting every other week until we resume our travels in mid-September.

Carla and I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mexico for the wonderful time we’ve had here. We’ve enjoyed our four and a half months of wandering and discovery in this vibrant, colorful, and hospitable country. We are deeply grateful for all the lovely places we visited and especially for the kindness and hospitality of the Mexican people that we’ve met along the way.

In this post there are five short videos that offer a glimpse of the beauty and magic we experienced during our travels in Guanajuato, San Miguel, Querétaro, Sayulita, and Puerto Vallarta.

Not only are the people of Mexico warm and generous but the food was amazing - every meal was a delight. We fell in love with fish tacos, tried mole, and enjoyed many a fine margarita. The wonderful weather, with its sunny days and comfortable temperatures, made it easy for us to explore. Never before have I checked my weather app so infrequently, as each day was predictably beautiful and rain free. Because we started our travels in early February, we also managed to avoid a significant portion of winter this year - something we definitely did not miss!

In addition to these enjoyable experiences, we have gained a deep respect for Mexico's political environment. It was inspiring to see the country’s advancements in human rights, often exceeding those of the United States in key areas. Mexico's commitment to women's rights, particularly in granting women autonomy over their bodies, and LGBTQ+ rights, is notably more progressive than in the US, emphasizing their commitment to creating a more inclusive society.

The people, culture, and progressive politics of Mexico have made a lasting impact on us, giving us an unexpected appreciation for our southern neighbor as a positive example on the world stage. While Mexico, like all countries, faces challenges, we admire the progress they have achieved.

Mexico is famous for its laid-back approach to life, and I found this particularly refreshing. Even at the age of 70 and mostly retired, I confess to not completely shaking off my Type A tendencies. The people of Mexico serve as a wonderful reminder that there is always tomorrow - well known as the Mañana Principle. Slowing down, appreciating the moment, and not worrying so much are very much part of the culture here. Although, I imagine if you needed a plumber for an emergency, the Mañana Principle might seem much less appealing.

Despite our love for Mexico, the well-documented high crime rate is a major concern and a significant reason why we would not consider living here permanently. We love to explore, and not being able to jump in a car and travel freely around the country due to safety concerns is a major issue for us. We’d always be worried about accidentally ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While Mexico’s beauty, culture, and people have made a lasting impression on us, the reality of not being able to travel around the country without concern is a significant drawback. That said, every place we visited felt very safe - whether walking during the day or at night, we always felt comfortable, and most tourist destinations in Mexico are similarly safe. However, if you have the wanderer gene like us and want to explore places off the beaten path, you’ll really need to do your homework to know which areas are safe to travel and which to avoid.

As we journeyed through Mexico, we found ourselves often reflecting on our travels across Europe. We realized that, just as with people, we resonate with some places more than others and, for us, Europe is our place. While our experiences in Mexico were certainly enriching, they also served as a poignant reminder of the unique bond we share with Europe - its culture, history, and ambiance resonate with us on a deep level.


Europe remains our home away from home.

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So where are you off to in September? 😍

Jun 07
Replying to

Good Morning Lynn, and thanks for asking. We'll be in Europe for 3 months this fall, starting with 8 days in Prague, where my son, Jeremy, will join us. After that, we're returning to two of our favorite countries for more exploration - Greece and Spain. Since we stay in Airbnb's and don't use a travel agent, we need to plan our trips, especially where we’ll stay, well in advance, and so we’ve already planned for February 2025 . . . pretty crazy. 😀 We will be spending 4 months traveling around Turkey, Croatia, and Montenegro. The journey continues. Where do you and Rich travel to next? Yosemite and Lake Tahoe looked pretty spectacular.

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